Personalized Italian handmade products

We create caskets, displays, cases and wooden furniture of excellent quality, entirely handmade with traditional methods and without the use of solvents, chemical products or poor quality wood such as mdf or chipboard.

We are proud to use only precious wood and to work it with traditional techniques, which allow us to obtain resistant, long-lasting products free from harmful substances.

But our attention to detail doesn’t stop there: each item we produce undergoes a careful quality check and is signed and numbered using hot engraving, to guarantee the authenticity of the product. Furthermore, we offer a certificate of authenticity for each product purchased.

Our laboratory specializes in making custom-made furniture and accessories for any type of collection, from numismatics to art, through minerals, comics and much more. We can satisfy any request, creating customized and one-of-a-kind products.

We are convinced that craftsmanship is the best choice to guarantee the quality of our products and to satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers. If you are a passionate collector, rely on our experience and our passion for woodworking, and choose our products to protect and enhance your collection in the best possible way.

made in italy

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